Značka: Chopard

Model: Happy Sport

Popis Produktu:

As a messenger of love, Chopard is celebrating in 2013 the 20th anniversary of an icon that heralded what was considered at the time as a union of opposites between diamonds and steel.

Right from the time of its launch in 1993, the Happy Sport line has proved spectacularly successful. This highly original watch was inspired by the flagship Happy Diamonds model, while adding a touch of refreshing originality and avant-garde lines. Since then, the Happy Sport collection has become one of the brand’s greatest hits. Building on its twin expertise in the field of watchmaking and jewellery, Chopard decided to endow the sports watch with a distinctive and innovative personality. This pioneering move, which was to watchmaking what sportswear is to fashion, is now more relevant and timely than ever. Embodying a new and more relaxed approach, it is entirely in tune with an era in which people love to combine ultra-exclusive items and free-spirited casual wear.

With its alternatively gem-set case, in square, oval or round shape, its moving diamonds spinning beneath two sapphire crystals, the Happy Sport is the ultimate refined accessory. A watch designed to cover the whole spectrum of daily situations and which partners equally well with a leather jacket or an evening gown.